Zoo Employee for One Day

A project entitled “Try One Working Day in the Zoo“ is an offer for those who wish to find out how it works in a zoo. Just pay 80 € and you can spend one entire working day in our zoo as if you were one of us working with the animals. Thus, you will have an opportunity to explore daily work with the animals (of course only accompanied by authorised personnel).


Age: older than 15 years

  • A selection of the working place (department of ungulates, children zoo, department of birds or vivarium) will be exactly specified in the beginning, when arranging the date and other details
  • Register for the programme at least 5 working days a head
  • The programme is applicable only on working days.
  • Only one person may be present at the working place on a particular day.

Price: 80 € / person

Jeden deň v zoo