Visitor rules of the National Zoo Bojnice

Upon entering the zoo, a visitor gives their consent to comply with these visitor rules.

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Dogs are not allowed

Due to safety and veterinary reasons, animals bred outside the zoo are not allowed. Therefore we ask you not to bring your pets to the zoo. The only exception to this rule are dogs assisting the disabled – their license is to be presented upon entering the zoo at the cash desk. During the whole visit, the dog must be appropriately and visibly tagged and kept on a leash; the dog must not threaten other visitors or zoo animals. It is strictly prohibited to bring to the zoo a dog which is to be trained in order to assist the disabled; the same applies to those dogs who are off-duty (i.e. not accompanying a disabled visitor).

The zoo is no place for balloons

Due to security reasons, it is not allowed to bring balloons to the zoo. Animals might get scared by the balloons as such or panic if the balloon bursts out.

Do not feed the animals

A precise amount of feed is allocated for each animal in the National Zoo Bojnice to fit their individual needs. Additional feeding may cause harm to the animals – they may get sick or even die. If you want to help them, rather opt for an adoption.

Be considerate

Banging on the glass, disturbing animals by shouting and producing noise, or any other form of provoking are not allowed. The animals might get scared and when panicking, they can get hurt. Please, respect their natural need to have some rest and sleep. If an animal sleeps during your visit, please do not try to disturb or wake them up.

Mind the safety

Please mind the safety – both yours and of the children you are responsible for. Do not climb the fences, enclosures or rocks; do not hang on railings, also avoid climbing under and leaning over the railings. Moreover, do not touch the animals and do not stick your hands into the enclosures as the animals might hurt you while protecting their own environment. If you fail to comply with these rules, the Bojnice zoo is not accountable for any health damage.

Protect our greenery

Do not pick grass, parts of trees or bushes; do not offer these as feed to the animals. Please do not enter lawns and stick to marked paths.

Maintain cleanliness

Everyone feels better in clean environment. Please, throw the rubbish into dustbins and do not pollute our zoo. Do not enter pavilions with food and drinks.

With supervision only

Children up to 10 can enter the zoo only when accompanied by an adult person. School groups as well as organised groups of children must be supervised throughout the whole visit of the zoo by the appointed supervision.

Play safely

When enjoying kids attractions, it is necessary to comply with the safety rules. When walking the educational path, please respect the weather conditions.

Smoking is prohibited

Smoking in the zoo is prohibited with an exception of designated areas by snack bars and other catering establishments.

Respect opening hours

Please respect our opening hours and plan your visit accordingly.

Zoo documentation

By entering the zoo premises, you provide your consent that if being recorded (this applies to the persons you are responsible for, too) on photographic and video documentation which can be taken during your visit, this documentation may be used at zoo ´s discretion. Moreover, you are not entitled to any compensation nor any time or spatial restriction in this respect.

Deterioration of zoo assets

Please, do not damage the zoo property nor other people ´s property, it is not allowed. You will be requested to provide a financial compensation, should such a damage occur.

Service premises

Prosíme nevstupovať do priestorov a zón označených zákazkovými tabuľkami. Tieto priestory sú určené len pre zamestnancov zoo a nie sú bezpečné pre návštevníka.

Persons who violate the visitor rules or bother and threaten the animals as well as other visitors will be IMMEDIATELY ORDERED TO LEAVE THE ZOO GROUNDS by our security staff.

The National Zoo Bojnice is not responsible for any health damage nor other damage caused by a violation of these rules. The zoo is not accountable for any stolen items either.

Have a pleasant stay in our zoo!

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