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Within our premises, you can use several buffets:

Buffet Medveď (by the bears)

Bufet Studnička (in the middle of the zoo)

Summer terrace Termal (in the middle of the zoo)

Buffet by the children zoo

Ice cream (by the vivarium)

Gingerbread house (in the midle of the zoo) full of sweets

Vending machines with warm and cold beverages located by the vivarium, monkey pavilion and elephants.


You can buy various zoo souvenirs at several gift shops within the zoo. The gift shop centre is located at the entrance to the zoo.

Machines with zoo coins are located at:

Standing photo stand

the summer terrace Termal with the motives of a lion and lynx
by the children zoo with the motives of bear and wolf

Photo boot

located at the large pond in our zoo

Attractions for our visitors

Our zoo offers its visitors a huge amount of various entertainment, including educative and informative attractions in order to make their visit remarkable.

Children´s play‑field

Informačné panely v rôznych jazykových mutáciách.

the summer terrace Termal with the motives of a lion and lynx
by the elephant enclousure with the motives of a elephant and meercat
by the children zoo with the motives of bear and wolf

Insect Hotel

priamo v našej zoo je pri výbehu rysa karpatského

Big puzzle
Sensual pavement with various surfaces as for example cones, stones, crust and various information panels on our Carpathian fauna.
Sheltered relaxation zones in the entire area providing various information and interesting points.


Toilets are located at the bear enclosure, at the summer terrace Termal where a bathroom for mothers with babies and small children is located as well) and at the Children zoo. All the toilets in the zoo also feature toilets for handicapped visitors.

Platba kartou je možná v našej zoo.
Parking – Naša zoo nemá k dispozícii vlastné parkovisko pre návštevníkov. Využite parkoviská v blízkosti zoo. Pre bližšie informácie pozrite v časti „Ideme do zoo – Cesta do zoo“, kde sa detailnejšie dozviete o možnosti parkovania.

We have no WI-FI connection. Relax with your friends and family and you will surely find a better connection.

SOS line

In case of emergency, call the SOS line available for various situations, including lost baggage or persons, injuries, etc. 0902 629 011
0902 629 011