Your company can also help the National Zoo Bojnice! Become a sponsor and help us to create for individual animals such conditions that would resemble their natural environment as much as possible; and in addition to this, this environment shall be attractive for both local and foreign visitors.

We appreciate anyone who is interested in supporting our zoo. Bojnice zoo ´s sponsors will be listed on our website, namely their logo and a reference to your company portal. Moreover, we will create an information board, placed next to a particular enclosure or within the zoo. In this manner, the zoo and website visitors can find out about your products and services. The zoo receives around 300 – 350 000 visitors a year; our website belongs to those frequently visited as well. Do not hesitate to contact us! You will be most welcome.

Our huge thanks goes to the following subjects: 


CULLINAN – Commemorative medals

Dalibor Snoha, DALI

Ing. Peter Svitok – ECOS-ast.

EL Label s.r.o.


ARTEXE s.r.o.