Zoo School

Education is one of the essential missions of the National Zoo Bojnice. This mission is realised through the Centre for Environmental Education, also known to pupils, students and teachers as the “Zoo School.” Our Zoo School was opened as the first institution of its kind in former Czechoslovakia. Original premises of the Zoo School were later re-built and transformed into the Centre for Environmental Education. Our new premises are equipped with modern didactic technology providing sufficient capacity for interactive educational programmes. The centre is suitable for organising educational events for huge groups of those interested or activities of our Zoo Club.

The National Zoo Bojnice also participates in educational activities intended for the public out of the zoo premises, namely when visiting various institutions as for instance hospitals, libraries, specialised facilities for the disabled, etc.; or attending assorted exhibitions or fairs.

The Centre for Environmental Education offers space for a complex system of schooling and environmental education via following activities:

  • schooling programmes in the Slovak language (aimed at kindergarten and primary school pupils as well as secondary school students)
  • academic lectures and programmes for university students
  • specialised programmes for specific visitors ´ groups (programmes for pupils of specialised primary schools, programmes for the disabled visitors, events for seniors)
  • exhibitions
  • Zoo Club activities

Zoo School activities include various competitions for kids mainly. Information on these competitions are to be found HERE or on our Facebook web page.

The educational programmes in our Zoo School are divided into various age categories, ranging from kindegarten kids to seniors. The educational programmes offer includes:

Endangered Animals  – an interactive educational programme, aimed at making its participants familiar with biodiversity, ecosystems division, animal-related crime issues; as well as with individual animal species.

Modern “Noah ´s Ark” – a meaning and mission of modern zoological gardens; how zoological gardens participate in endangered species preservation, together with specific examples to be found in our zoo.

Not every animal footprint is the same! – how to detect animals ´presence in woods, demonstration of animals ´footprints examples and a workshop where participants make their own animals ´footprints.

Suspicious Souvenirs –  an interactive educational programme that explains and clarifies the CITES and an issue of poaching and smuggling.
Rain Forest on Your Plate – an interactive educational programme, aimed at the palm oil issue and endangered rain forests.

Natura 2000 and Nature Trail of Carpathian Fauna – this programme presents a system of protected areas, Carpathian fauna and flora, interaction with contact animals.

Rescue Station Networks – how to help injured or orphaned animals; presentation of zoo ´s Rehabilitation Centre; discussion on animal-related crimes and other anti-society activities prevention.


Centre for Environmental Education



Study room (with the capacity of 20 persons)



Lecture room (with the capacity of 100 persons)