Meeting at the Zoo – Here Are the Elephants
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How was it?


On Sunday afternoon, there was an intriguing projection with a discussion at the conference hall of the Environmental Education Centre („Zoo-school“). The film entitled Zde jsou sloni (Here Are the Elephants) was presented by a young Czech Arthur F. Sniegon who organises several projects in Africa aimed at saving and helping the elephants. In his two films from 2012 and 2013, he presents his journey through Africa in search for elephants and poachers. His story is very interesting and inspiring and made the spectators think about many topics. There was a break between the films featuring a discussion where the spectators had an opportunity to ask numerous questions, related not only to the elephants, but also to his travelling in Africa. This young adventurer created pleasant atmosphere, thus the spectators were leaving not only with some new knowledge, but also full of impressions, touched by both comic as well as serious stories. This event was attended by15 visitors. We believe that this was not Arthur ´s last visit in our zoo.

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