We have opened our 63rd summer tourist season already!
Úvod » We have opened our 63rd summer tourist season already!

Our interesting programme and wonderful weather have attracted many visitors. 6767 people visited our zoo during the season opening.

The National Zoo Bojnice opened its 63rd summer season on 1stMay 2018. It was symbolically opened by the Bojnice Zoo Director Ing. Milan Šovčík and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic Ing. Norbert Kurilla, PhD, by passing through turnstiles.

For this very special day, we had prepared an interesting programme for our visitors – featuring the autograph session with the Winter Paralympics PJONGCHANG 2018 medal winners – skiers Jakub Krak and Branislav Brozman. Our zookeepers were available at the information points in order to answer visitors ´ curious questions, as for instance concerning animals ´feed preferences, and were talking about their beautiful, yet difficult work at the zoo as well. In addition, people found out a lot of information on the CITES topic – what souvenirs should not be brought from holiday, what the bird criminality is, why we should limit the palm oil consumption or how the unoriginal species of animals endanger our biotopes. One information point was focused on the importance of bees.

The visitors could also participate in creating of the mandala, made of fresh flowers and attend creative workshops where interesting pieces from self-hardening mass were being produced. There were numerous painting activities, not only those paper-related, as kids could get their faces painted, too.

Both kids and adults joined our ZOO QUIZ including various questions and puzzles, where it was possible to win a unique experience (entrance to employees ´facilities). More than three hundred competitors took a part in this competition, but there were just two winners, namely Maxim Daniel Varga who won the entrance to female elephants facilities and Martin Ranuša who won the entrance to the Vivarium facilities. Congratulations to the winners!